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Character Information
Profession:Master Sorcerer
Guild Membership:Member of the Ixodus Reload
Last login:1 May 2022, 6:05 pm
Created:20 April 2022

Do następnego poziomu: 235, 213545324 z 213568000
Poziom Magiczny: 81, 14500302 of 0
Życie: 1305 of 1320
Mana: 6845 of 6845
Stamina: 40:25 of 42:0

An Interest In Botany Quest
A Father's Burden Quest
Black Knight Quest
Blessed Wooden Stake Quest
Behemoth Quest
Bright Sword Quest
Banshe Quest
Crusader Helmet Quest
Deeper Fibula Quest
Demon OAK Quest
Demon Helmet Quest
Double SD Quest
Double Hero Quest
Dream Challenge Quest
Fire Axe Quest
Firewalker Boots Quest
Helmet of the Ancients Quest
In Service of Yalahar Quest
Kissing a Pig Quest
Koshei the Deathless Quest
Mad Mage Room Quest
Naginata Quest
Necromancer Quest
Obsidian Knife Quest
Orc Fortress Quest
Paradox Tower Quest
Pits of Inferno Quest
The Inquisition Quest
The New Frontier Quest
The Spirit Will Get You Quest
To Outfox a Fox Quest
Vampire Shield Quest
Greenhorn Arena
Scrapper Arena
Warlord Arena
Wrath of the Emperor Quest
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Outfit Name with AddonsOutfit Looktype
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without addons
without addons
without addons
without addons
without addons
without addons
without addons
without addons
without addons
without addons
with first and second addons
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30 Apr 2022, 17:30 Died at level 230 by water elemental, a Massive Water Elemental and by frost dragon..
29 Apr 2022, 21:37 Killed at level 224 by Old Pysio, Amigo Chosen and by Ek Sio Wrona..
29 Apr 2022, 21:31 Killed at level 225 by Loreq Rucha Pawelka, Ek Sio Wrona and by Old Pysio..
29 Apr 2022, 20:09 Killed at level 225 by Janusz, Loreq Rucha Pawelka and by frost dragon..
27 Apr 2022, 23:50 Died at level 210 by frost dragon, Lysy Drechol and by Oucik God..
27 Apr 2022, 19:26 Killed at level 208 by Opera God, Lysy Drechol and by Dexx God..
27 Apr 2022, 01:30 Died at level 189 by frost dragon and by water elemental..
25 Apr 2022, 23:13 Died at level 148 by frost dragon and by Massive Water Elemental..
25 Apr 2022, 21:40 Died at level 115 by frost dragon..
25 Apr 2022, 21:23 Died at level 108 by frost dragon and by Old Tibia Player..
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29 Apr 2022, 20:49 He fragged Pomarancz at level 87. (Justified)
29 Apr 2022, 20:47 He fragged Rudywkoszulikomunijnej at level 189. (Unjustified)
29 Apr 2022, 20:43 He fragged Podpalacz Terrorysta at level 187. (Unjustified)
29 Apr 2022, 20:15 He fragged Amigo Chosen at level 203. (Justified)
29 Apr 2022, 20:09 He fragged Krychaa at level 191. (Unjustified)
29 Apr 2022, 20:06 He fragged Janusz at level 216. (Justified)
27 Apr 2022, 11:51 He fragged Ms Amaro at level 176. (War)
27 Apr 2022, 11:34 He fragged Ms Amaro at level 178. (Unjustified)
26 Apr 2022, 15:22 He fragged Old Tibia Player at level 176. (Justified)
26 Apr 2022, 12:19 He fragged Neo Aka Skynet at level 176. (Justified)
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