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Guild Points

On our server we have introduced a unique system of guild points, namely a special command !guildpoints, which can be used only once by the leader of each guild. It grants points only to online players whose level is greater than 10 (the requirements are increased with each server day). The command can be used once for a given guild, player, IP and other unique information that we can obtain (hint: wait for all players before use). The command grants 300 guild points to an account with each player who meets the requirements for receiving points.

1.Each guild must have in the game at least 10 members online to get points for Guild Shop.
2.Every online player must have a different ip address and possess a minimum of 10 lvl. (the requirements are increased with each day!).
3.Command can be used only once per guild, player, IP, so please wait for all of your players.